Change Nickname Module


With the Change Nickname Module installed, your users can have the ability to change display nicknames after they have logged in.

The Change Nickname Module is a plug-in optional module based on the 123 Flash Chat Server software. It will only work together with 123 Flash Chat, and cannot be used alone.

The difference between a Username and a Nickname

- A username is unique reserved identity that a user sets after registering an account, just as your real name is your identity in real life. If a username is forgotten, the only way to retrieve it is to contact the webmaster, providing the valid registration email. If the email hasn't been given at registration or forgotten as well, then the user may have lost that account forever.

- A Nickname is much more flexible and random. Users can change their nicknames to anything they want at any time. For example, a user could change their nickname from "Red" to "Blue", or "Red-away". Any nickname can be used as long as it isn't already being used by someone else or registered formally. It is hard to identify who is using a nickname unless an Admin checks the backend access logs.

- Neither Nicknames or Usernames are case-sensitive.

Why use Change-Nickname Module/ the benefit

- If the "Auto-login as guest" feature is activated, visitors may access chat using a random name - "guest***". This name means that guests are able to select a more personalized name instead of being anonymous after logging in.

- With the very handy feature "auto-change-nickname", users can change nicknames automatically and keep their identity a secret if they wish.
This is extremely important in a members-only system where a user's information should be kept confidential. Users log in with their real email address or real name, but they can then auto change nicknames to a different name which is not associated with his subscription account.

- It can be interesting to chat undercover, it's a little like a masked ball!

How does the Change-Nickname Module work?

After you log in, your username will appear top centre of the chat window, next to a small person icon. If this icon is unclickable, this means an Admin hasn't installed or activated the Change Nickname function yet. But if there's a small arrow next to the icon you can click the icon to activate a popup "Change Nickname" panel. Enter any nickname you like in the text field. If this name happens to be taken, please choose another nickname.

See screenshot:

- You will not be able to change your nickname to a name already taken, or to an Admin reserved nickname. If a user tries to log in with the same nickname as one already in use they will receive a "nickname already taken" message.

- Anybody can change their display nickname after they have logged in.
- Once someone in a room has changed their nickname, people in the current room will receive a notification that someone has changed their nickname from AAA to BBB.

- Once someone in a room changes their nickname, the user list at the right hand side of the chat window will update in real-time for anyone in the room.

- If A and B establish a private chat window and then A changes their nickname, then in B's PM window, the name of A on the top bar will be updated in real-time without interrupting private chat.

The instruction on "auto-change-nickname"

With a parameter of "init_nickname" accompanied by "init_username"and "init_password", you can automatically log users on by their nicknames. This is only effective when the Change Nickname module is launched.

Other facts about Change-Nickname you should know

- A nickname can be between 1 and 34 characters in length, but only the first 19 characters can be displayed. The rest is omitted automatically by default, unless a user clicks and drags to check the full name out. Special characters (eg, *, %, $, etc.) can be used.

- Nicknames are not remembered between sessions, so please change nickname soon after you logged in if you want to.


For a Flash animation demonstration of the Change Nickname module, please visit: /demo.html
Frontend Admin Demo-> Change-Nickname Demo.
The Change Nickname module is included in the 123 Flash Chat demo version, so please feel free to download the demo and try out the Change Nickname module to become familiar with its features.
Also you are welcome to test the Change Nickname module with live supporters at the 123 Flash Chat demo site: /demo.html.


This module is free!



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