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What is Chat Integration?

Chat Integration means the website users' info can be transferred into the chat when the chat connects to the website database. The integration includes login account, password, avatar, location, gender and user profile page, etc. The registered user can log in the chat room automatically after it is done.

Why Need Chat Integration?

The question that "Why I need chat integration" strikes a chord among webmasters well the answer does the same too.

Because it will bring you benefits.

Boost website traffic, bring direct and immediate benefits.

According to studies conducted, website that has chat room for live communication will get high conversion rate of target customers. And, website that has chat room integrated with their databases will get even more. Because users will need to login the site to enter the chat which definitely will enhance your users loyalty. On the other hand, you can set different levels for users on your website and only approve some of them to enter the chat. The lower level users will need to pay to upgrade to higher levels so that they can enjoy the chat. In this way, the integrated chat will not only boost your traffic, but bring direct and immediate benefits for you.

What is Chat Integration?

Provide intangible instant feedback and 24*7 support.

Your feedback will be part and parcel for your website construction. And you may encounter obstacles collecting them because users may disgust to finish the questionnaire survey. However, with an integrated chat, you will get an ample source of intangible instant feedback by asking them directly in the chat. And it is real time. Meanwhile it provides you an opportunity to offer 24*7 support for your users as well in the chat, and, for your website.

How to do it?

There are two kinds of integration, standard and non-standard integration.

Joomla chat, PHP chat, Wordpress chat, PHPfox chat, Vbulletion chat, etc. they all belong to standard CMS Chat, thus the integration is standard too. 123 Flash Chat developers have made all CMSes modules ready for integration beforehand to facilitate customers to do it.

If your website is unconventional and there is no ready-made modules for your integration, don't worry! 123 Flash Chat can do the integration freely for you based on your concrete website structure. Please contact or for it. You can save all your efforts!

Click here to check non-standard integration case.

123 Flash Chat Free Integration Samples

We have picked out one sample by random. Say no more, seeing is believing! Let's take a PHPfox website as an example.

Login the website here with your username and password. Here is one testing account: Test123/123456

123 Flash Chat Free Integration Samples

Find the chat button from the left list.

123 Flash Chat Find the chat button from the left list

Click the chat button, you will go to the embedded chat page and you will find yourself already automatically logged in.

go to the embedded chat page and you will find yourself already automatically logged in

Chat integration is imperative for your website to boost your traffic and gain benefits. Go with 123 Flash Chat and blaze a trail to the success for your business!

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