Remote Controller Module (Windows Live Messenger Edition)

TOPCMM debuts Chat Room Remote Controller Module (Windows Live Messenger edition). With the handy tool, the chat room moderators can monitor the chat room externally on Windows Live Messenger, so to keep an eye on the chat room everywhere, whether in the office or at home, in the restaurant or in the gym.

Working Scenario

It must be great to be able to remote control chat room on Windows Live Messenger. However, there is no way for the messenger to communicate with the chat room directly, so we need a robot to go between.

The robot account should be registered at Windows Live Messenger, then you can activate the function, bind the robot and moderator messenger accounts in the admin panel (that means to grant the key to some reliable friends), then add the robot to the contact list of your messenger account, so that she becomes the ear and mouth of yours in the particular chat room!

Benefits and Features

Firstly the chat room management becomes easier. The connection between the chat room and the moderator now turns much more closer thanks to the module, because they can monitor all the conversation in the chat room, kick the annoyance out or join the chat, etc. even though they haven't logged into the chat room SWF at all! All they need is just be online on Windows Live Messenger.

Secondly, not only the room owner, his/her friends can join in and take care of the chat room together.

Thirdly, the chat room can be active around the clock as long as the moderators are online on Windows Live Messenger, therefore the Remote Controller Module is very helpful to chat rooms of all kinds, either in social networking sites or for online sales support sites. How many orders will go to the competitors if your sales representatives are always available? None!

Step by Step Tutorial

There are four steps to configure the Remote Controller Module. Before we proceed, please be aware that two kinds of Windows Live Messenger accounts will be involved, the first is the robot account, which is like a bridge between the chat room and the moderators, the second is the moderator messenger account, and the robot messenger account is supposed to be added into the moderator messenger contact list.

1. Create Robot Account (on Windows Live Messenger)

Room owner sign up a new Windows Live Messenger account for the robot. e.g. bot@hotmail.com

Note: Do not login Windows Live Messenger Messenger using robot account thereafter!

If it logged on Windows Live Messenger, it can't be your eyes and ears in chat room any more, because one Windows Live Messenger account can't log on it twice!

2. Launch the Remote Control Function (in the Chat Amin Panel)

Room owner enter the robot Windows Live Messenger account bot@hotmail.com and its password into the Admin Panel-> CRRC (MSN)-> MSN Bot email and password fields to accomplish the robot binding and launch the remote control function.

3. Grant the Key to Reliable Moderators (in the Chat Amin Panel)

Now it's time to bind the moderator and the robot messenger accounts, to grant the power of a particular chat room to some reliable persons.

Admin Panel-> Room Panel-> choose a room -> CRRC (MSN), add your friends' Windows Live Messenger accounts here to be the room moderators, for example: friend@hotmail.com, so that it binds to bot@hotmail.com.

4. Add to Contact and Monitor Chat Room (on Windows Live Messenger)

Moderators add the robot messenger account bot@hotmail.com to their Windows Live Messenger contact list and then monitor and control the room externally.


The following commands are available on Windows Live Messenger to control the chat room externally.

/help view help document
/enable enable the function to monitor the messages of the room on Windows Live Messenger
/disable disable to monitor the room messages
/list check online user list in the room
/kick kick particular user out of the room, eg: /kick username
/ban ban user ID or IP from the room, eg: /ban username or /ban
/unban unban user ID or IP, eg: /unban username or/unban


For Remote Controller Module (Windows Live Messenger Edition), TOPCMM makes no Windows Live Messenger-related warranty, in other words, if Microsoft changed commucation protocol of the Windows Live Messenger Messenger and thereafter the Remote Controller Module (Windows Live Messenger Edition) can't work any more, TOPCMM will try to fix it but there will be no refund guarantee.


$99 one-time fee for license buyer.

Note: it's an extra module and has to be purchased in conjunction with 123FlashChat license.


For hosting buyer, the module can't be purchased once for all and has to be rent monthly or yearly.



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