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Replacing Worries, Picking up Messes, 123 Flash Chat Software Service Rocks!

Service is not Everything, but is More Than Anything

Service is not Everything, but is More Than Anything It takes pains to define "service".

Too profound a connotation, too broad an extension, and even a multiple-criteria classification, service is nothing but a complexity. Nevertheless, sophisticated concept as it is, no one can deny its magic role. Service is who you are, what you are doing and why you are there. It is lifeblood for any business. And for chat software business, its impact got tripled.

A quality service in chat software industry means a one-in-a-million product with amenable codes, a one-and-only software with unrivalled features, and a one-in-a-life after sales service for its customers. Surely it is a consummate situation but that is what 123 Flash Chat Software has been striving for.

So What Makes You So Special?

Anti-DDoS Chat Server

This is a sensitive topic, but an inevitable one.

It is widely known that DDoS attack can be catastrophic for a chat business causing irreparable damages, esp. for a live chat that has considerable traffic. It will kill your business for hours and even days. What exacerbates the rampant DDoS attacks is the fact that sometimes the hackers who are behind the attack will stop at nothing and they may even expose their identities to you without any scruple. Nothing can be more depressing when you know who you are against but there is nothing you can do.

As a chat solution, 123 Flash Chat used to be a victim for such attacks as well to be honest. There are some expedient solutions when the attack is on for example a change of the server IP will duck the attack to survive for a while. However the nightmare will come back immediately should the hacker is conscious of the change.

So What Makes You So Special?No way out for such headaches?

Well money makes the mare go if you are rich and really that rich of course you can source an anti-DDoS datacenter you will find it unsurprisingly expensive though.

123 Flash Chat has crossed that bridge successfully in 2013. Pain past is pleasure. Now 123 Flash Chat Software provides Anti-DDoS Hosting and almost at the lowest price you can get on the market starting at only $20.

123 Flash Chat Hosting

How can I Trust you?

Customer Live Examples
30 Days Free Trial
30 Days Money Back Policy

Quality Assures Credibility

123 Flash Chat Team has been committed to making the first class chat software. Aiming at developing novel features and trying to think ahead, perform ahead and promote ahead. HTML chat has been discussed for years but it is 123 Flash Chat that put it into practice by releasing its HTML client. The same is true for the mobile chat app and hand raising function.

Quality Assures Credibility

Premium Rate Pre/After Sales Service

Premium Rate Pre/After Sales ServiceYes it is premium rate and we are confident to say so.

Phones, emails, and live chat support for presales support, you can upload all of our concerns, worries and questions to us and we will break them down.

And after-sales support will keep the original support doors open, meanwhile generate a key for a new doorway for you, the customer portal.

Do I need to pay for your support?

No, it is free.

Make a comparison between different chat solutions, you may discover some interesting hidden cost logics. It can be very blurry on the hype pricing page but don't be coaxed by the fancy appearance. Simply ask if the tech support including setup, installation and integration is free or not instead and you will get close to the truth.

123 Flash Chat guarantees free setup including all technical issues for its license customers and life time long technical support.

123 Flash Chat Support

Okay I am aware of it and let me try it now.

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