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IM Friends Invitation

Wanna attract more users for your chat room? Try IM Friends Invitation Module. After activating the module, your user then could invited his MSN, Yahoo,GoogleTalk or Hotmail friends to join your chat, but before this actually happens, please fill in your advertising claim in Default Message box and select its send mode: Immediately will send your default massage via instant message, Email will send it via an email.

Sending email may need the support of SMTP server, in default mode, we use the embedded SMTP server. But if you need to use outside SMTP server, you may configure this node: <mail-smtp-server ...> in this file: <123flashchat installation directory>/server/etc/fcserver.xml .

<mail-smtp-server enable="Off">

mail-smtp-server->enable : this node decides whether you use outside SMTP server, On indicates Yes, off No.
host: mail smtp server address
port: mail smtp server port
auth-user: mail smtp server user name, (Optional)
auth-password: smtp server, (Optional)
ssl: On/Off: this node decides whether encrypt via SSL algorithm,

After activating the module, a Invite MSN Friends entry will appear in the tool bar:
You may click on it, select the IM software you need, let's take MSN as an example:

IM Invitation Button of 123FlashChat, Flash Software, PHP Chat, Chat Script

Fill in the corresponding fields, invitation messages would be sent to his MSN friends.

MSN Messenger of 123FlashChat, Flash Software, PHP Chat, Chat Script

Instant Message:


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