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User Profile Integration

You may show your user's profile that stored in your database in 123 Flash Chat's Chat User Profile Panel. The work can be accomplished by the following way:

Method 1: Adding parameters after 123flashchat.swf.

You only need to add the following parameters: init_birth, init_gender, init_location after 123flashchat.swf.

For example:

Method 2: Using Auth-URL .
In order to use this function, you must use the web URL to authenticate your users' login information, you can add a user's profile information next to the "login result" 0(login success) or 5 (login success as admin), and split the login result and user's profile parameter by "|".

You may define your own parameters to suit your needs, as the creator of this system, we predefined 3 default parameters: a,s,l to indicate a user's age, sex and location information after separator"|".

For example:

if($username == "owen" && $password == "owen")
echo "0|a=25&s=1&l=usa&";
avt: avatar

Parameter introduction:

Init_birth or a:

If the value ranges from 0 to 99, then it represents age, if it is greater than 99, it represents birth year (1990~).
eg: init_birth=10 (it indicates that the user's age is 10, and the client end will automatically transfer 10 into the user's birth year. init_birth=19990202(represents the user's birth year)

init_gender or s:
0 -- Secret
1 -- Male
2 -- Female

init_location or l: Location

If you need to use the both methods mentioned above, the value that brought in method 2 by client end should be superiorly processed.
The two group parameters share the same function, but have their own suitable environment, first group (init_birth, init_gender,init_location) should be used after swf, and the second group (a,s,l) in Auth-URLs page.

init_email or eml: Email

User email, it's not valid unless it follows the parameter init_user.

avt: avatar

Custom avatar URL

lckavt: Lock user avatar or not.
If lckavt=1, avatar can not be changed, and only those avatars integrated from your website can be used in the chat room;
Otherwise if there is no lckavt setting or lckavt=0, then the avatars are changable.
And the integrated avatars will show as the default ones for the newcomers, while the stored avatars will show for those who have changed avatars before.

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