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Chat Client Parameters


Chat Client Parameters Sample

Client Parameters List (123flashchat.swf)


123 Flash Chat Client offers a group of parameter interface so that it can make the system support passing parameters from outer sources to initialize some settings. 123 Flash Chat Client supports two ways of passing these parameters.

1. Passing parameters with http get, all parameters should follow up 123flashchat.swf.

2. If you use openSWF(123flashchat.swf, '634', '476') to embed 123 Flash Chat Client to your web page, these parameters should be defined with javascript declaring variables before invoking the openSWF().

Chat Client Parameters Sample

<script src="123flashchat.js"></script>
<script language="javascript">



init_host ="";



<DIV id="flashchat">
<OBJECT classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-99B8-444553540000" codebase=",0,19,0" WIDTH="990" HEIGHT="600" id="topcmm_123flashchat">
<PARAM NAME=movie VALUE="123flashchat.swf?init_user=myusername&init_password=mypassword&init_room=1 &">
<PARAM NAME=quality VALUE="high">
<PARAM NAME="menu" value="false">
<EMBED src="123flashchat.swf?init_user=myusername&init_password=mypassword&init_room=1 &" quality=high menu=false WIDTH="990" HEIGHT="600" TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash" PLUGINSPAGE="" scale="noscale" name="topcmm_123flashchat" swLiveConnect="true"></EMBED>

Chat Client Parameters List (123flashchat.swf)

Parameter Default valuetypeDescription
init_groupdefaultStringthe group's value
init_host*Stringthe primary server's host value
init_port51127Numberthe primary server's port value
init_host_s*Stringthe secondary server's host value
init_port_s51128Numberthe secondary server's port_value
init_host_h*Stringthe HTTP server's host value
init_port_h35555Numberthe HTTP server's port value
init_user StringUser's name
init_password StringUser's password
init_nickname StringThis parameter gives logged on users a display nickname automatically.
It will only be valid if you set it in the server.xml configuration as follows:
<change-nick enable="On" enableCustomProfile="On"></change-nick>
It can be used in conjunction with init_user and init_password, so that a user can have their own nickname once they are automatically logged in.
init_root StringThe init_root is the string of an URL or a directory.
It is only useful when the chat html file and the
123flashchat.swf are located in different directories.
With init_root, the swf can automatically load the skin folder under the specified root directory:
Note: please add a slash at the end of this value,
It should look like the following:
It should NOT look like the example below:
init_room Number/ Stringinit_room=room id or init_room=room name
init_room_pwd StringIf the room is password protected, you need to set init_room_pwd ( init_room_pwd=)
Of course init_room_pwd is not obligatory.
init_lang StringThis parameter helps the chat client to load a defined language file.
init_lang in html code will disable the language value in the client.xml because init_lang has a higher priority.
In this way, your dynamic web application can choose to show the local language for specific users in any country.
init_skin String This parameter helps the flash client to load a specified skin.
init_skin in html code will disable the skin value in the client.xml because init_skin has a higher priority.
In this way, your dynamic web application can 'listen' to each user's favorite skin.
123flashchat.swf will then automatically load the skin under directory "skin/".
admin_mode Boolean (0/1) With this parameter, functions which are disabled in client.xml for ordinary users will be activated for the administrator.
This will usually only need to be used in special circumstances.
By default it is 'false'.
For example: in client.xml, if you configure it to:
<visiblePasswordInput value="false"/>
then you block yourself from entering a password to enter the admin panel.
If this is the case, with admin_mode = 1, you can resolve this problem.
You can create a special html file or dynamic webpage with this parameter to give the admin a control panel.
init_ad Boolean (0/1)This will enable or disable the 'advertisment banner' function.
This parameter has a higher priority over the value of advertisingBanner in client.xml.
init_loading_bk   String The flash preloader. Supported formats are: *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png, *.bmp or *.swf, and the recommended logo size is 160*160 pixels. Without defining one, the default logo will show.
init_private StringThe receiver name in the destination room.
init_private_message StringWords you would like to start with.
init_listroom StringThis API can be added using html code by admin to ensure that only specific rooms can be visible in the room list. Devide rooms using ",".
For example: init_listroom="1,3,5"
init_invisible Boolean(1/0)This API can be added using html code by admin to set default value of admin's visible. If this value is "1", admin will be set invisible as default when login.
init_email  String

User email, it's not valid unless it follows the parameter init_user.

init_avatar  String Custom avatar URL, it's not valid unless together with the parameter init_user.

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