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Chat Data Integration

The data in chat server is always stored at <123 Flash Chat install directory>/server/data/<group name>/ in terms of group.
The contents are categorized as:
logs/access.log (general access log)

If the client chooses the user system by default, the information on all users will be stored at members/.
If the file is based on binary system, one file stands for one user and the file's name is the user's name.

All the information in the room is stored at rooms/ with room id as the file's name.

All the settings information, such as friend list, font size and so on, are stored at userinfo/.

All the information on chat is stored at online.txt/, such as connections|logon_users|room_numbers.
For example, 1|1|10 stands for one connection, one logon user and ten rooms in the chat.

For room_*.txt, * stands for room id, with online user list in room id stored in the form of jack and tom.

What we should integrate is basically the content in online.txt and room_*.txt.
Integrated package for help:

Operating method:
Configuration for chatconfig.php:
$chat_data_path = "C:/Program Files/123FlashChatServer 7.5/server/data/default/";
The directory is generally at <123flashchat installed directory>/server/data/default/
functions.php contains the method to read the data directory.
connections.php Display the current number of connections

logon_users.php Display the current number of logon users
room_numbers.php Display the number of rooms
user_list.php User list
If you need to display the above information on the webpage, you just need to embed the code:

<script language="javascript" src="path/connections.php"></script>

in the pagea of your website, then the corresponding data will be displayed.

The sample.html, code in are:
There are
<b><script language="javascript" src="connections.php"></script></b> connections<br>

There are
<b><script language="javascript" src="logon_users.php"></script></b> logon users<br>>

There are
<b><script language="javascript" src="room_numbers.php"></script></b> room numbers<br>>

User LIst:
<b><script language="javascript" src="user_list.php"></script></b>

You will see the following picture :

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