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Admin may configure all settings related to profile here.

Pop Up "Change Avatar" Panel
To pop up the Change Avatar panel for those who haven't configured avatar yet when they enter, please check " Popup the Change Avatar Panel for users who haven't configured avatars yet when he/she enters a room.".

Edit Profile or Change Avatar?
If it qualifies to pop up the Edit Profile panel and the Change Avatar panel at the same time, then only the previous one will pop up because it has higher priority.

Enable edit profile menu
To allow users to choose their avatars instead of editing their profiles, please check the "Enable edit profile menu".
If checked, users will find "Change avatar" at the bottom of the "Change Status" panel, as shown below.

Enable Change Nickname

If "edit profile" is allowed as well as the following item: "Allow nickname change in the popup Edit Profile panel", then users may modify nickname.

Disable Change Nickname

If "edit profile" is allowed but not the following item: "Allow nickname change in the popup Edit Profile panel", then users are prohibited to change nickname.

Pop Up "Edit Profile" Panel

To pop up the "Edit Profile" panel automatically, please check "Pop up Edit Profile panel when a guest enters for the first time", then define a specific username initial to trigger the action. If leave the latter field blank, then all guests will see the popup panel.

Trigger Profile Panel

To trigger profile panel, please check "Popup profile panel when mouse over username in user list", then when mouse over a username, the user's profile panel will pop up.

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