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Configure Wowza Media Server

Configure Wowza Media Server 2 for 123FlashChat
This quick tutorial explains how to launch the whiteboard and video chat functions in 123FlashChat with Wowza media server 2.

Install and Configure Wowza Media Server 2
There is no Wowza Media Server 2 yet in the current 123flashchat installation package, so please download it here:

1. Create an Application

To use Wowza Media Server 2, you may begin with creating an application. Add an application simply by creating a sub folder in the [install-dir]/applications folder.
For example, to create a new application named 123flashchat, just create a folder:

2. Default Config File
The application is now ready for the simple video on demand streaming. It will use the default config file in the [install-dir]/conf folder:
[install-dir]/conf/Application.xml (The default config file)

3. Unique Config File
To give an application its own Application.xml instead of the default one, just create a sub folder with the same name of the application in the [install-dir]/conf folder and copy the default config file into the new folder.
[install-dir]/conf/123flashchat/Application.xml (Config file for 123flashchat)

In which [install-dir] indicates the folder in which Wowza Media Server was installed, however, the installation folder differs based on platform:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Wowza Media Systems\Wowza Media Server [version]
  • Mac OSX: /Library/WowzaMediaServer
  • Linux/Unix: /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer

You can refer to and for more details.

4. Launch the Whiteboard Module
(Skip 4 if the whiteboard function is not needed.)
Download the file FCWhiteBoardModule.jar, add it into the folder [install-dir]/lib/.
Please download it here:

5. Change Config to Support 123FlashChat
To enable video chat function, please open file [install-dir]/conf/123flashchat/Application.xml,
Find node <StreamType>
Edit to

To enable whiteboard, find Modules node, and add the following module sub node

Eg, the final format is as follows.


6. Restart Server
Restart the Wowza Media Server 2 to make the changes effective.

Installation Service
We offer installation service of Wowza Media Server 2 for 123FlashChat, on condition that you will provide the SSH account (for Unix/Linux server) or the remote control account (for Windows server). And we guarantee to make backup copies before we start, you can also change the password when we are done.
Service fee: $100, for Wowza Media Server 2 installation and integration with 123FlashChat.


Please be aware that we can only install Wowza Media Server 2 instead of maintaining it. Because Wowza Media Server 2 is not our product and we didn't develop it at the first place.
Thank you for understanding.

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