Chat Event Module

* What is the Chat-event module?

With this optional chat module, each chat room can be scheduled to automatically open and close. This is a great way to attract more traffic to your chat room and prompt high-quality conversation.

* Why you need Chat-event module?

Regular chat is usually just for casual and simple chit chat. People exchange feelings randomly and newcomers can sometimes find conversations hard to follow. However, scheduling a specific topic for a particular time can stimulate more useful ideas in brainstorming. Furthermore, the transcript of the Chat-event can be edited and published on your website as quality and low-cost content to draw more users to your website.

* How to use Chat-event module?

Recommended practice:

  1. Establish a regular program time for the Chat-event and announce it on your website with or without a specific topic.
  2. Invite an experienced host to act as Speaker or Moderator to set the agenda for the discussion. They can move the discussion forward in fruitful directions.
  3. Post the Chat-event transcript on your website.
  4. Send follow-up emails to your website news letter subscribers to remind them that the transcript is up, and mention the next topic.

In the chat client, enter the Admin Panel using an Admin account, then go to the Rroom Panel. When adding room or editing room, you will find the Chat-event button.

Set the public time of the specific room. Click "add" to add a rule first and click "submit" to save changes.

The room mode:

- "normal": means a certain time period of each day or a certain day of a week.
- "special": means special chat event on a particular day.
- "EveryHour": means a recurring period of each hour.

* Buy the Chat-event module

Purchase event chat module

Note: This module can't work individually, please purchase 123flashchat license according to your concurrent users and then purchase this module.



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