File Transfer Module

Introduction of File Transfer Module

Often in conversation, the chat users may experience the need to share a file with each other. It could be a word document, a picture or some MP3 files. Now with the optional file transfer module, chat users can send and receive any files without having to invoke email program. The module is only available in the private chat window, not in the chat lobby.

Feature Highlights

  1. Technically any kinds of files can be transferred, and the file type can be controlled by the admin.
  2. In admin panel, administrator can configure max file size, file upload/download location and user group that can use the function.
  3. After purchasing the File Transfer Module, there are two ways to transfer a file. You can use the chat server internal HTTP server, or write an application to accomplish the task using your website language PHP or ASP, etc.
  4. The file is transferred via server but not peer to peer.

How to Use the File Transfer Module

1. Initialize the file transfer

There are two ways to initialize a file transfer. First, left-click the user name that you want to transfer file with, select "Send file" in the pop-up menu, then a private chat window would open.


Second, double click the user name to which you want to transfer file, click the "Send file" icon in chat dialogue box.

2. Choose the file

Following either way over mentioned, an open file dialogue box would show, choose the file, click "Open", and then the request would be sent out. Before the object user decides whether to accept your request, you can cancel the transfer request if you want.

How to install the File Transfer Module?



  1. Why my users can't see the files that they want to transfer in open file dialogue box?

    For security considerations, unpermitted file types are filtered out in open file dialogue box. So when your users meet such problem, you should check whether the file type is permitted in background admin panel. And we don't recommend transferring exe, zip or other files that has a potential risk to damage system before anti-virus check.
  2. Why my users can't use the file transfer function?

    Check the settings of file transfer section in background admin panel, and see whether the user group is permitted to use this function, if not, check it.


once file transfer completes, the anti-virus application should be run for security reason.


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