Handwriting Chat Module


It enables your chat users to draw a unique message to tease their buddies with the mouse, or help people who are incapable of typing to communicate.


Use the tabs to switch between "handwrite" and "type" mode.

In 'handwrite' mode, five new icons appear, they are: pen size, color, eraser, undo, redo. The icons indicate three pen point sizes: thin, normal and thick, standard color palette for the pen, a simple eraser, undo and redo buttons.

Done with drawing, press "send" to publish it instead of pressing Enter to send it out. In this mode the "Newline" button will disappear, as well as some other buttons and functions, like type, smileys, change background, flash emotions, predefined messages, sound messages, send pictures… unless switching back to "Type" mode. Two modes can't work simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the text input area in the lobby chat window can now be dragged to change height to facilitate handwriting.


This module costs extra $99 $49 and can only work in conjunction with 123 Flash Chat Software License.

Live Demo

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