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How to add banners in 123 Flash Chat Server Software

How to add banner ads to chat?

123 Flash Chat license or host buyers can add banner ads into chat room.

For example, let's presume the original chat size is x1*y1, and the original banner size is x2*y2. The following picture explains how the chat size will change after the banner is added.

Step by step instructions.

It only takes two steps to add ad banners into the chat room:

Step 1): Upload ads

One ad or a series of rotating ad banners can display in 123 Flash Chat, please upload them first to the same folder with 123flashchat.swf.

Step 2): Add it in the Advertisement settings of the Admin Panel

Click "the advertising setting" in the left, you will see the following picture:

Here you can define the parameters of the advertisement in dimension, picture address, link URL, duration time and so on.

Field Name Description
Launch advertising Enable/disable the banner ads.
Advertising banner width Set the width of the advertisement, in pixels.
Advertising banner height Set the height of the advertisement in pixels.
Advert Pics The name and relative path of the advertisement.
Link URL Fill in desired web link, so visitors will be directed to the URL by clicking the picture.
Duration Set the duration seconds the advertisement.

Input the name of advert picture and the URL which can be linked directly by clicking the banner at client and set the time of duration, then "save" to finish the settings.

Google ads can be added to the chat room too. If the banner ads and the Google ads are both added, then the Google ads will show below the banner ads.

Why my ad banner won't show?

Ad banner can only be JPG or SWF format, the following formats are not allowed: gif, png, bmp, psd. etc. due to the macromedia regulation that only JPG or SWF can be externally inserted to flash SWFs.

For jpg format, it has to be non-progressive mode. If not, please use a software like acdsee to convert it. eg: open your jpg in acdsee, then File -> Save as, choose options in popup dialog and in the option of encoding, DON'T check Progressive, then save jpg. Done.

For gif banner, convert it to SWF first in this way: import it to macromedia flash and export it as SWF.

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