Image Transfer Module

Introduction of the Image Transfer Module

A picture worths a thousand words. With the optional Image Transfer Module enabled, users are able to share pictures with each other to add spice and power to the conversation.

Admin can define the maximum file size for the image to be transferred, in xml configuration file. By default it's 1MB and you're recommended to restrict it to less than 1MB if the bandwidth consumption is your major concern, or if your server is not very powerful, or your server has limited space to store the pictures.

Users are allowed to share picture either in chat lobby or in private chat, admin can choose to enable or disable either one of them, in the admin panel.

For end users, the prerequisite to use this module is having flash player 8 or above, otherwise they will be guided to Macromedia website to download and install the latest flash player 9, free of charge.

Formats allowed: JPG (JPEG), PNG, BMP, GIF (but only the first frame of an animation).

The price of the Image Transfer Module is $99 $49 . Furthermore, the Image Transfer Module is recommended to be used in conjunction with the Moderated-Chat Module so that the Admin and the Moderators can filter nude pictures and keep things under control.

How to use this module?


The "image transfer" button is above the chat input area, click the "Advanced Messages" button.

2.Select a Picture

Click the button and an image browsing window will popup.

To click previews before sending out images.

A too big picture which exceeds the file transfer limit predefined by Admin will get an error notice: "This picture is too large in filesize to be transferred, the file transfer limit is ***. Try to reduce it before transferring."

3.View Image

The image uploaded can be displayed in chat in two ways, the full picture or a simple image icon indicating a picture can be displayed by click. The setting can be altered by admin in the admin panel.

If full picture,

If image icon, click the icon to view image.

the dimension of the chat box containing the picture is 450x305 pixels in standard chat client, and admin can define the maximum image size in server configuration file, depending on which chat client are you using in your website: the standard one or the full screen chat client. If the standard one, you probably can set it to 400x300 pixels.

If the width or the height of the uploaded picture exceeds the default value, the picture will be squeezed into the chat area, without keeping the aspect ratio.

You are also welcome to test the Image Transfer Module with our live supporters on the 123 Flash Chat demo site, /demo.html


If you already installed a full version of 123 flash chat and enabled the Image Transfer feature in the configuration file, but failed to turn it on, it is probably because you haven't bought and installed the Image Transfer Module yet.

You can purchase the module by click "Buy Now".





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