Invisible Admin Module

Introduction of Invisible Admin Module

This is an optional module with which an administrator can monitor chat conversation in chat room invisibly. Without the visible presence of the Admin, chatters feel free to talk, but this ensures they can't go too far.

Features of Invisible Admin Module

It's only available to Admins, not to Moderators, Speakers or ordinary users.
The Admin can enter any room in invisible mode so he/she won't appear in user list at the right side.
The invisible Admin will not be counted in the total number of people in a room, only in the Admin Panel-> "connections" and "logon users".
Even in invisible admin mode, an Admin can still talk, kick or activate a PM( private message).
There can be multiple invisible Admins in a chat room.
Invisible admin won't be seen by the other admins as well.

Benefit of Invisible Admin Module

With Invisible Admin mode, you can drive traffic to your site while controlling the topics of conversation, because when someone tries to make trouble or becomes an annoyance you can warn them by a PM or choose to kick them out.
Invisible Admin can observe Moderator behavior secretly or guide Moderators when appropriate.

How to turn on/off Invisible Admin Mode.

  • Enable

    At first, login as Admin and on the room list page choose to be invisible or visible before entering any room by checking the checkbox next to "invisible admin in room".
    See screenshot:

  • After entering this room, you will be notified: "* You are invisible in current room!

  • Disable

    Exit current room then uncheck next to "invisible admin in room".
  • Demo

    For a Flash animation demonstration of Invisible Admin Module, please visit: /demo.html
    Frontend Admin Demo-> Invisible Admin Demo.
    Invisible Admin Module is included in the 123 Flash Chat demo version, so please feel free to download the demo and try out the Invisible Admin Module to become comfortable with the features.
    Also you are welcome to test the Invisible Admin Module with live supporters at the 123 Flash Chat demo site, /demo.html .



    If you have already installed a full version of 123 Flash Chat and have enabled the Invisible Admin feature in the configuration file, but the Invisible Admin feature doesn't work after following the instructions above, it is probably because you haven't bought and installed the Invisible Admin Module, which is required to use the feature.
    You can purchase the module by click "Buy Now".




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