Moderated-Chat Module


In a moderated-chat (moderation chat or moderate chat), comments and questions submitted by regular participants can't go public unless the Moderator or Admin approves them. It helps the chat users focus on one specific topic and therefore it is perfect for celebrity interview , educational lectures , etc.

Moderated Chat Module is an optional extra module of 123 Flash Chat , and can't be used separately.


  • Switch between moderated chat or not.
  • Chat is well organized.
  • Chat history log is recorded and can be shared in the community.
  • Super admin, admin and moderator can pass the messages, and kick the annoying users out.
  • Flood control and swear words filter.
  • Extra optional File-Transfer module, images and files shared by users can also be screened.
  • Full Features

Working Scenario

  1. Moderated-chat mode is activated , and every chat user in the current room will get notification .
  2. Every message submitted by the ordinary users or upgraded membership users may no longer show directly, and below it, an option will show to the management team: " Approve or Decline ".

  3. The super admin, admin or moderator then select those relevant to approve them to show, or ignore them to do vice versa.
  4. The speaker answers questions and show directly, which everybody can see.

Users Hierarchy

There are five kinds of users in a Moderated-Chat room, by default, they are distinguished by username colors.

  1. Super Admin (bold purple) - Super admin has the highest rank and grants power to admin, they can screen chat too.
  2. Admin (bold red) - Screens questions for all rooms, and designates the moderator and speaker for each room.
  3. Moderator (bold green) - Screens questions in a specific room.
  4. Speaker (bold orange) - Makes speeches or answers questions.
  5. User (green) - Asks question and reads responses.

The first 3 kinds of users are entitled to enable/disable the mode , also to kick annoying users out. while the first two can ban/unban username/IP as well.

The Speaker can also be left blank, and in that circumstance, a moderator or admin may answer questions instead. Also, only a registered user can be a Speaker.

Speaker's Privileges

  1. The speaker has pretty much the same privilege as the regular users, unless his/her words get straightly published.
  2. Speakers won't be bombarded with inappropriate messages, allowing the chat to be carefully controlled.
  3. Ordinary users can't activate a private chat with a speaker, while only super admin, admin and moderator can.
  4. Ordinary users can't ignore a speaker or any other in the management team.

How to Enable/Disable Moderated-Chat?

Click the settings button at top to open the settings down-list, and click Turn On Moderated Chat to enable it.

Or click Turn Off Moderated Chat to turn it off.

Configuration of Moderated-Chat

Admin Panel-> Room Settings-> select a specific room-> Edit Basic-> Enable the moderated mode.

Note: Some large-scale moderated events may require multiple moderators, as well as multiple speakers, then an admin can add them one by one.


The Moderated Chat module is included in 123 Flash Chat trial edition, so feel free to download it, or test it online with our online sales in 123 Flash Chat demo room.


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