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Tips to Run the Assignable Video Chat Profitably

Assignable mode is a unique video chat mode for 123 Flash Chat Software .

Users, must stand in the queue first and get approved before they can really publish their video to the spectators; And even so, he cannot be promised to get the most prominent position, the 1st top video camera position. And once he is authorized to do so, the time frame is gripped by the chat admins as well who can terminate the video broadcasting at any time.

And this, as a core feature developed by 123 Flash Chat team in V10.0, leaves chat masters enough room to exercise the community rules, or, more intriguingly, stimulate the chatters to spend more.

Hand Raising & Credit System Rolled into One

It is not recondite that users need to consume in the chat in exchange of more broadcasting time on cameras. As a chat solution , 123 Flash Chat has predicted this and made necessary setups to make it happen. Chat Masters can set the criteria as per his concrete request in the chat admin panel and make it known to all chatters in means of chat announcements, greeting messages or bot messages.

Hand Raising & Credit System Rolled into One

Buy Credits, Jump Out of the Queue and Start Broadcasting

Set the theme for the chat and this is your game to play. Get everyone sitting in the chat involved and start buying the credits. Create a competitive atmosphere within the chat for the three broadcasting positions and your chat site will be on the way to popularity and charm.

See more ways here on how to generate revenue within 123 Flash Chat.

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