How to enable Twitter connect in 123 Flash Chat?

Please refer to the following instructions.

Step 1. Enable Social Connect

Login 123 Flash Chat admin panel-> Social Connect.
* Please note that social connect feature can't be enabled unless the chat room is accessible from the Internet.
About the domain configuration, please refer to Domain Instructions.

Social Connect Settings in Admin Panel of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software

Step 2. Apply a Twitter Application

1. First, login your Twitter account at http://twitter.com/. If you don't have an account, please register one and login.

2. Visit https://dev.twitter.com/apps, and click "Create a new application" at top to create your new application.

Twitter Create a New Application of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software

2.1 Enter the following information, app name, description, website and callback URL.

The domain of the callback URL, should be the same as the domain in Social Connect panel of the chat. The format is like http://domain/callback.

Twitter Create an Application Details of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software

2.2 Check "Yes, I agree", enter CAPTCHA and click "Create your Twitter application".

Twitter Create an Application CAPTCHA of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software

3. Visit your Twitter applications-> Settings, change application type to "Read and Write" or "Read, Write and Access direct messages", and click "Update this Twitter application's settings" button to store the settings.

Callback URL will be imported automatically if you entered it in step 1, 2.1. If not, please follow step 1, 2.1 to enter callback URL.

Twitter Application Settings of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software

Step 3. Configure Twitter in 123 Flash Chat

1. Visit your Twitter applications-> Details, you will see the values of Consumer key and Consumer secret.

Twitter Application Settings of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software

2. Back to your chat admin panel-> Social Connect-> Twitter app,
enter the value of Consumer Key on Twitter to API Key here;
enter the value of Consumer Secret on Twitter to API Secret here.

Enter a Twitter ID here for chat users to follow. (You may also leave it empty.)

And check Enable Twitter Connect option.

 Twitter App Basic Info of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software

Restart the chat server.

Step 4. Test Your Chat

Open your chat room, and a Twitter login button will show on Sign-in/Register panel. Then click it to login with your Twitter account.

Social Connect Login Panel of 123 Flash Chat, Chat Software

If you find any errors during the test login steps, please check the configuration steps above.

We provide free configuration service to 123 Flash Chat buyers, you may choose from the two options below:
1. Provide a Twitter account to us
2. We create a Twitter account for you

Any questions please send an email to support@www.123flashchats.com.

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